So recently a lot of people have been making false claims to territories which are not theirs. While this in itself is rather disturbing, what is even more so is the fact that these people have virtually no followers whatsoever, nor have they ever. 

Exhibit A - Ferdinand Clemente (Cadet) is claiming ownership of The Spanish Empire despite losing three rebellions in a row on POTCO, never maxing a single guild, and presently having zero followers, and a wiki with a total of three pages, one of which is a complete duplicate of a page on here (His own character bio), and two others which contain virtually no content whatsoever. Furthermore, he is attempting to marry Rose Beckett, a Protestant of British descent, and former member of the Co. Empire who only a week ago was bethrothed to Nate Crestbreaker (Also British). 

Exhibit B - Basil Brawlmonk is claiming ownership of The Ottoman Provinces/Empire despite having already abdicated his positions in Romania, and defeat at the hand of Spain on POTCO. He has had one guild which had a couple hundred members. He currently has no supporters. 

Exhibit C - Johnny Goldtimbers is claiming to be The Pope. I'm sorry, you can't be the Head of the Church of England, The Prime Minister of Great Britain, and The Pope all without engaging in a single battle. This is beyond unrealistic. This is retarded.  Furthermore, we already have a Pope - Hector Wildhayes. In time, perhaps a new one will be elected once the college of cardinals convenes. To anyone who is confused as to what I'm talking about - Johnny Goldtimbers is the Wiki user "Pope Benedict XIV". I had Wiki Staff do a check-user. 

Conclusion - All three of these claims have no validity. All three of these individuals were obliterated repeatedly in battle on POTCO. One of them was exiled and disavowed, another other can barely spell his own name. 

The Proposal

  • Ownership of any major nation should require some degree of acknowledgement, reputation, and followers. It is foolish to claim ownership of a country via wiki-blog and then engage in warfare via wikia-chat. Wiki should be used for documentation, nothing else. These one-person countries are absurd. In order to claim ownership of a country (as of now) that is not currently yours, you must have a decent following, a viable claim, and must propose a realistic way in which to do battle. Demanding that the current monarch in power adhere to your needs, and purchase a game to battle you on is not realistic, and will likely in most cases be ignored, just as it ought to be. 

Paradox Overlord (talk) 03:39, May 26, 2016 (UTC)

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