Just to clear a few things up seeing as some people think they can bend the rules...

People of Great Britain, when you invaded Russia, you gave Jack Goldwrecker absolutely no input as for the rules of engagement. You claim to be the most powerful country on the game, and so therefore seeing as we are invading you, this same rule will apply. We will be creating the rules of engagement.

As originally stated on my blog: 

  • Each side may use only one guild, and the people in that guild must have been in it for at least 2 weeks prior to the battle.
  • Any side suspected of using ANY mod/mods must automatically forfeit the battle and accept the terms of its surrender. 

(If either of these two rules are broken, whichever side breaks them immediately forfeits the battle.)

A few more reminders:

  • The battle will occur this Friday from 9 - 10pm, EST. (The time of the event is subject to change.)
  • This battle will determine the fate of St. Petersburg. Should the British win, St. Petersburg will remain in control of Jack Goldwrecker. Should the British lose, St. Petersburg will fall under Spanish control. 

In addition to these rules, I've also decided to add another rule. Whoever the victor may be, he/the monarch of said nation, holds the right to deny a counter battle for 2 weeks/14 days. 

Thank you.

Paradox Overlord (talk) 01:53, February 14, 2013 (UTC)

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