Only a week ago, Russia was invaded by Great Britain, and Jack Goldwrecker renounced the throne. Now, factually, once you renounce the throne, you have no voice in the nation, but once Jack Goldwrecker heard that Great Britain was supporting me in re-assuming power in Russia, Goldwrecker said, "OH NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT", and got the previous 3 Russian Fuck ups to aid him in "re-taking" Russia, which is virtually impossible considering the fact that they don't even have an army, but whatever.

After realizing that people were starting to accept that I was the true Czar, seeing as not only did I create Russia, 3 years ago, but I also have an army, (unlike them), experiences in maxing guilds, (unlike them), experience in winning wars, (unlike them), and maturity, (something they lack), they attempted to "Ban me from Roleplay". Of course, nobody really paid attention to this, and after several Facebook IM'S "LOL DUDE THEY'RE TRYING TO (BAN) YOU FROM ROLEPLAY." I finally decided to take action.I went into the POTCO UN Chat to have a civilized conversation to resolve all of this, and of course, ^as stated above, Jack Goldwrecker and Garland join the chat, spamming stating that "They liked suck my dick because it was slimy" and that "God ruled Russia", (Even though Jack is a homosexual Communist). So, I can only say I tried, and I'm no longer going to deal with such absurdities.

Therefore, The Spanish Empire and all of its providences and protectorates officially declares war on Russia, and will be invading it for the third time this month just to prove to the dumb ass masses that we are the "True" rulers.

The first SvS of this invasion will be next weekend, Saturday, at 10PM EST. It will last an hour. At the end of that hour, the side with the highest score are the 3rd-time official "rulers of Russia." Each side may use only one guild, and the people in that guild must have been in it for at least 2 weeks.

You can bitch in the comments all you want. If you don't show, you don't rule anything. You're fortunate I'm even paying heed to your claims. You're being given another chance Macmorgan. Isn't that what you wanted? :D

Paradox Overlord (talk)

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