On October 21st, 1746, Phillipe V Clemente in the flesh suited up for battle, and personally led The Spanish Royale Army into battle against The French Rebels. I am proud to say that We, Casa Di Royale, fought, and won this battle on our own; this being the 3rd battle of The War of The French Succession, all of which we have one.

Mid-way through the battle, several members of The POTCO Players Wiki came and fought us. It's estimated that up to 10 guilds showed up to fight Casa Di Royale, and we still emerged victorious.

I give special credit to:

  • Sven Daggersteel
  • Elizabeth O'Malley
  • Warriorman
  • Richard Sternsilver

for their heroic acts in battle today. Without them, we would have not emerged victorious. This truly has shaped the shape of RP history on POTCO. It will not be long before The French rebllion is completely destroyed.

This screen was taken near the end of the battle:
Screenshot 2012-10-21 14-55-33


Screenshot 2012-10-21 14-47-11


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