Basically, just clarifying who controls what in our government right now, and what people's ranks are, who is still with us, etc. Pay attention. This is official. Don't come at me a year from now with a load of crap. 

Territories of The Spanish Empire

  1. Spain ~ King Phillipe V Clemente
  2. France ~ King Phillipe V Clemente
  3. Portugal ~ Magistrate Jeffrey Blasthawk (Grace Redskull is now deseated due to suspected treason).
  4. Sweden ~ Magistrate Jack Darksteel
  5. Russia ~ Magistrate Jack Darksteel
  6. The Ottoman Regions/Provinces (Former Territories of The Ottoman Empire) ~ Duke Hannibal Clemente
  7. Sicily and Naples ~ Prince Ben Squidskull
  8. Rome/The Papal States and Milan and Tuscany ~ Lord Hector Wildhayes
  9. Austria ~ Duchess Isabella V Clemente
  10. All Spanish territories in North America, The Caribbean, and South America ~ George Sailward

Positions/Ranks of The Spanish Empire (Hierarchy)

  1. King ~ Phillipe V Clemente
  2. Queen ~ N/A
  3. First Heir ~ Prince Ben Squidskull
  4. Second Heir ~ Duke Hannibal Clemente
  5. Third Heir ~ Isabella V Clemente
  6. Advisor of Warfare ~ Jorge Clemente
  7. Overlord (Supreme Commander of the armed forces in the field) ~ Lord Hector Wildhayes
  8. Grand Lord Admiral (Head of Spanish Navy) ~ Prince Ben Squidskull
  9. Prime Minister (The People's Voice) ~ Carlos La Verde Sanita

New Claims:

After careful consideration and observation, I have decided that since Austria broke its mutual defense pact with Spain and has sided with Great Britain that it is solely in my power to claim the land of Austria as a Spanish province. They're free to defend themselves. We'll just whip them. Gg. Hannah is no longer Empress.

Paradox Overlord (talk) 01:09, October 10, 2014 (UTC)

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