On Saturday, November 17th 1746, The Spanish Army met up with The British Army on Isla De La Avaricia, Savica server and exchanged pleasant greetings. This event is thought to be very similar to the event that occurred during World War 1 when The Germans and British came out of the trenches on Christmas eve and exchanged gifts and didn't fight for 3 days, of course after the holiday, they went back to blowing each other up.

In The Co. Empire, warfare was done on islands. There would be ony two guilds, each with uniforms, and each with their own "HQ" on the island. The purpose would be to try and take over the enemy's HQ, and the winner would win that battle of the war. Before today, Roleplay has been enduring a steady decline, but I believe this event has put us back on the path to rebuilding RP, and saving it from certain inactivity, and destruction.

I look forward to having another one of these battle some time soon!

The battle:

POTCO - Treaty of Thanksgiving - November 17th, 174603:11

POTCO - Treaty of Thanksgiving - November 17th, 1746

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