On the evening of November 19th, at around 11PM, E.S.T., King Carlos La Verde Sanita of The Spanish Empire, met with several guilds on POTCO, as well as several royal families of Catholic Nations, an officially annexed The Austrian Empire as Hannah Bluefeather has resisted for far too long. As her father, the man who gave her her title as The Empress of Austria, I hold the authority to remove her from power and with the approval of Pope Giovanni Dominica O'Malley I have rightfully done so for the good of our Holy Spanish Empire.

This is without doubt one of the largest meetings that I have attended in a very long time. Many people were there, and after persuasion, all approved of my intentions to annex Austria into our newly reformed and mobilized,
Screenshot 2012-11-19 20-20-40

King Carlos La Verde Sanita of Spain speaks out to the people of The Spanish and Austrian Empires, and members of The Euro-Holy Western Alliance.

elite Spanish Empire.

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