Over the past month, multiple people have attempted to take a grab at the throne of Sweden. The last person to attempt this was Albert Spark. He instigated a war with Spain, lost 3 out of 4 battles, and then begged for an armistice which out of the goodness of our hearts, we granted him. He was one battle away from losing Romania. We forgave him, and withdrew our forces proving how forgiving, fair, and just we truly are.

Now, "Taylor", (an exiled Spanish prince), is attempting to take control of Sweden. This is a direct act of war against The Spanish Empire. It will not be tolerated. I'm not debating because this will only continue. Albert Spark and "Elizabeth" were given mercy. Those times have come to an end.

Macbatten lost Sweden during The Paradoxian War. Sweden used to be a Spanish region, (When I founded it) but revolted against Spanish rule and succeeded in doing so. However, when Macbatten entered The Paradoxian War on his own side, he was defeated, and under his own terms, which he had originally set, he agreed to surrender Sweden, and shortly after that he went inactive, and has stayed inactive for over a year now.

Anybody stupid enough to challenge the power of The Spanish Empire, please, declare war. If anyone wants to attempt to take a grab at Sweden, do it now. The war of French succession ended not so long ago, and I had hoped that that would be the end of this ridicule, but evidently some people lack development in their frontal lobes, and so therefore, The War of Swedish Succession has officially begun. Anybody who aids "Taylor" in anyway will be deemed and enemy of The Spanish Empire.

Personally, I find this ridiculous seeing as we already control Sweden, and have armies stationed there... but whatever. I suppose "Taylor" and whoever is stupid enough to support him, will be the ones invading this time.

  • The first battle is to be scheduled for Friday evening at 10PM EST on The Monada Server. It will last from then to 11PM. (This will determine who controls Norway.)
  • The second battle is to be scheduled for Saturday evening at 5PM EST on The Monada Server. It will last from then to 6PM. (This will determine who controls Sweden.)
  • The third battle has yet to be scheduled.

Paradox Overlord (talk) 19:53, March 13, 2013 (UTC)

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