My ambitions to unite all of Europe under one banner have ultimately failed. In the process, 450 men of Casa Di Royale were lost as a result of the chaos in Ireland. Overlord Geoffrey Hexbones was KIA, and Grand Lord Admiral Davy Darkskull has gone MIA. I instated Ferdinand Clemente's son, my grandson, Hector Pillageparr as the new Grand Lord Admiral, but he later betrayed us, was hunted down, and rid of.

I have removed all but 60 people in Casa Di Royale. 40 are maxed, and most have uniforms. The rules for inviting are that they must have the uniforms, unless they are maxed. If they are maxed without the uniform, they stay as a member. If they have the uniform, they can be veterans. We'll now only have 6 officers in the guild.

I intend to turn Casa Di Royale into the ultimate fighting force of The Spanish Empire. It will be a combination of the tactics and styles of The Caribbean Rangers, and The Francis Brigade. I now withdraw all forces from Ireland, across the English Channel, and back into France.

Over the next few months, we will progressively retract our borders as done in The Post-Paradoxian war as they have become too hard to control.

I hereby dissolve the title of Grand Lord Admiral, and officially declare myself, head of The Spanish Army, as I can find none other fit to lead such a force, and feel that only I can lead this reformed Caribbean Ranger/Francis Brigade guild.

I hereby disband The Spanish National Guard, and officially combine The Spanish Army and The Spanish Navy into a single fighting force, The Royale Spanish Marine Core.

The long march home. - Winter, 174607:51

The long march home. - Winter, 1746.

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