Recently, this Wiki has made a lot of progress. However, what I don't want is a ton of "spam" pages being made. Every page made needs to look top-notch, and therefore I need a few people to help me with a couple of things.

1.) On each "Government" page, I the "Foreign Policies" to model after The Government for Switzerland on The POTCO Switzerland Wiki. By that, I mean, we need flags for each nation, then the relations that the two nations have with each other. Joseph Coalsmythe can be tasked with doing this. I will also need each government page to have a nice border just like The Government of Switzerland page. Joseph Coalsmythe and/or Tyler Crossbones can also handle this, I assume.

2.) We need to create a Community Portal or Forum page, and add specific details to it to help new users navigate their way around the wiki.

3.) We need to bring in more people to our Wiki.

4.) Extra: Everyone please be sure to voice your opinons on the new badges. You can do so by leaving your opinion on the poll, or in the comment threads here.

Keep up the good work guys!

King Philipe V Clemente Viva La Espana!

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