Most honorable commander, George Sailward

Because of the loyalty, and courage you practiced while in servitude to The Spanish Empire during both war and peace time, I've decided to give you a new, and better account. You were terminated in the name of Spanish glory, and I you have mountains of respect from me for that. Although you are horrible in SvS.. and in PvP, and aren't much of a politician, your loyalty stood out against almost everyone in Spain, and because of that, I'd like to honor you by getting you a new account.

I'm not sure what the particulars will be, but it will be an old body, and it will be rare. I would like to IM you on Skype. Please friend me. My name Skype name is damionhristov.

This is my pirate: CLICK HERE!!!!

Yours will look similar to mine. I'm working on getting one for you as I type this.

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