Your occupation of our Russian homeland is greatly distasted. For the past 2 years, Russia has experienced a line of inept and inactive emperors which began because of John Breasly's desire to piss me off. This began when he backed Benjamin Macmorgan in stealing Russia from me. May I remind you all... that this is ultimately what sparked The Paradoxian War. After I gave in to Benjamin Macmorgan stealing Russia from me, we agreed that when and if he left the throne, he would hand it back to me. When he did leave the throne, and went off to attempt to steal France, (also mine), he broke our agreement and left Russia with Andrew Mallace, who was also a high ranking officer in Britain basically making Russia, a puppet nation of Great Britain.

I've been patient. I've waited 2 years, and the fact that you're unable to give back what is rightfully mine, leads me to believe that you've been behind all of this all along, and that Russia's been merely a puppet of John Breasly's, but because of his insecurities and fear of being overthrown, he's put down Jack Goldwrecker, and taken absolute control over Russia. - (But then again, it only has about 3 residents, so there's not much to "absolutely" control.)

I'm going to give you all until this Friday, February 8th, 1746, to get the Hell of my soil, and make a blog stating that I am now in complete control of Russia. If that isn't done, then you can count Great Britain in the war of Russian succession. You don't want me to fully return. Your guild numbers will drop drastically. You'll be slaughtered in SvS, and all of these "disloyal" allies that you think you have will turn on you immediately, and come to aid in your downfall. I hope we've come to an understanding.

Paradox Overlord (talk) 20:12, February 5, 2013 (UTC)

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