Alright so firstly, let me get this straight: Your armistice and agreement skills suck ass. I dont know why you people just dont get it. Its quite obvious they suck, look in the mirror Pearson. I mean come on, isolation? What kind of fool wants isolation from the world? Not me, I cant stand it since I am a girl. Yeah another thing: in REAL life Im a girl. It was all a cover up so I can gain more respect and be able to be my lesbian self :) I know this is hard to believe but you shall now know me as Ashley Spark, your Empress. Let us first get this first thing straight: Im abolishing all religions and churches except for Buddhism and Eastern Orthodox. Why? Because theyre the only decent ones! Hello! Freaking Catholic Church? Ewww yuck. Juuust yuck. Its the worst of all established churches to be honest. Oppresive ways of life? God no. I dont think God likes that. Oppresion. Nope. Its really for the best, truly is..... so............... Obviously we covered that so next Im going to go to what will happen with the rest of your puny.... dictatorships..... and..... LIES......................... see your lies dont help anyone, everyone knows it. Everyone honestly does. Even you guys know it! Thats why Im taking over right now before you:Thats right stand down..... maybe Ill promote you in the future if youre nice to me, your kind loving compassionate empress :)

So long!


Your new Empress, Ashley Spark i <3

PS - - - - - | - - - - -

PPS I still love you guys, especially popey <3

PPPS Go back and pick out the bold letters :D

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