To my fellows of the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland, the unrecognised and disgraceful government of the Sultanate of the Ottoman Empire, and my dear friends of Romania; I come here to announce the result of a late meeting between Spanish and Romanian Officials.

In this meeting it was concluded that any claims made to the Ottoman Empire, which under my false reign extended as far south as the Ethiopian Empire and as north as the Papal States which were all false conquests are in fact and undoubtedly false. The only lands in which I have ruled under legitimately is the Kingdom of Romania which was established in April 1745 and now ends on October 1747.

The lands in which I formerly ruled on and off will be ceded to the Spanish Empire in which they will allow me to assume control over the Austrian Empire as permanent ruler so long as I adhear to a mutual defense pact in which can not be broken by me and will result in severe consquences if done so.

In conclusion for those who would prefer not to read my beautiful address, I am ceding my legitimate Romanian lands to Spain and ceasing any claim to the Ottoman throne to receive the Austrian Empire and a mutual defense pact between Spain and Austria that shall not be broken.


Former King Albert I of Romania

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