To Pearson,

Why must you go to war and invade? I'm starting to think you guys are only declaring war because you hate PPW and all the British Roleplayers. And yet you always say that you stay and call wars because if you didn't, roleplay would fall apart and that everyone would ask for you back. Quite honestly, why do you care? Why? Why do you insist on continuing this madness if all it's doing is holding up roleplay? Why do YOU care what comes of roleplay? It's really nonsensical to go on a social site and declare wars. If you don't like the British Roleplayers, there are MANY options in-game to prevent their annoyance (ignore, report, delete/port), warring won't do shit to shut people up. Because you'll then start getting all this bitching about how you cheated, and other crap. And if you lose, they throw it in your face. Why does this really have to go on? Do you really want that sort of attention? Do you want to be the one most people hate? Or do you want to be the one EVERYONE respects? And don't tell me everyone already respects you, because only your followers respect you (blindly, I may add), right now. And please, for the love of Liam, don't comment the way you usually do. I'm honestly tired of your so-called "holy facts". They make absolutely the most one-sided, biased case ever. Just answer the questions for once in your oedipal existance.

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