To whom it may concern,

Over on the Switzerland wiki, they are having talks on breaking away from the church in order to escape Spanish puppetry. Personally, I agree with them, as roleplay is meant to be fanon, not based on true history. To be honest, I think too many people are attempting to rule and control all roleplayers, when in fact there should be none of that going on. It's causing too much shit that shouldn't be happening. And I don't wanna see bullshit comments below from Pears or any of his followers talking in metaphorical "fact-based" opinions. Please keep all your comments reasonably simple and not so critical. I'm seriously tired of all you people making a big deal and attempting to be the Overlords of everything. Just calm the fuck down, be happy with what you have fanon-wise. Stop trying to replicate true history in a fictional world, just stick to the fanon stuff and rule Spain as you choose. We don't need to have a Roman Catholic church roleplay in the game. Spain doesn't need to rule everything. I don't care that it did or did not in the history books. POTCO roleplay is strictly fanon, let it be that way.

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