From the Desk of The Newly Reincarnated Prime Minister Basily Galifizois Peter Michael Brawlmonk IV of the Romanian Empire

To whom it may concern,

          The Romanian Empire has seen many trials and tribulations due to the dying POTCO Community. We have lost some of our best men, including the untimley death of Lord General Johnathen Daniels. Charles Warmonk, our Minister of War remains in Burachest at this moment. Kate Thorn one of the head Officers of Romania has gone off to college and is away full time to focus on her studies which I do not blame her for. Shamrock O'Hayes is currently in Burachest drafting military plans. The Empire has built a monument to Johnathen Daniels that stands on top of Moldoveau peak in Moldova. The time away from POTCO, has allowed the Romanian Government to really reform and pay attention to the structure and economy of our empire much more. We have reformed Industry making it much more safe and really pushing Industry more to really improve our economy and create jobs on a wide scale. We are working now to become not just a one sided military powerhouse, but an economic powerhouse as well. We have discovered a surpluss of natural resources we hope to capitalize on. We have secured small unclaimed once deserted islands in the Carribean and turned them into Island Plantation towns. Communities have emerged out of this, small buisness opening and prospering. Great fertile Carribean soil has allowed us to put in sections where we grow such products as Tobacco, Barley,Grains, the Indian corn plant, The Tomato Plant, and many exotic carribean fruits. Here in our homeland, we know now we must take advantage of our natural resources. We have opened wineries, multiple orchards, and we have been able to start growing corn here along with wheat. Our timber supply is being used for ship building, natural resources. We recently discovered that we have alot of iron in Romania, so multiple mines have been opened. Our trade routes are secured and heavily guarded making passage across them safe for any trade partner and free from pirates. Just because we have focused on industrial, and our natural resources we have not lost focus of our military. Our armeis are better trained, and many forts have been built allover the empire. We have developed new military strategies, and Military weaponry. Trade in the Middle East has helped us come across some exotic weaponry that is useful here in the Western theatre. We wish all nations peace and prosperity!

- Prime Minister Basily Galifizois Peter Michael Brawlmonk IV of the Romanian Empire

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