From his camp in the Mountain Wilds of the North Americas 1748 Addressed to Albert Spark "Ruler of Austria"

Dear Old Friend,

                      I never thought this day would come, but I was foolish thinking we would ride this title wave forever. I knew one day your weak heart would give out, and you would sell your soul to the devil himself. I sensed your loyalty to Pearson, from the moment I met you. You always hinted it very subliminaly. I never thought the day would come, but towards the end I thought it was matter of when you would just give out, not side with Pearson. But, it appears I was wrong. You gave me a place to develop my skills in everything, and for that I am forever thankful. I know you and your new buddies up in the Spanish Empire will see this and laugh and make fun of me for it, but I have an opinion its your perogative whether you take it serious or not. You may think your better than me or "above me" now that your Spanish. You are power hungry, a trait I will admit I posses but I would have never sold out on my people. I have come close to selling my soul to Satan, but I resisted him time and time again. I apologize I couldn't be there to stop you, but now that your with the Devil, you have turned against the true people of Romania. Do not try and find me, your efforts are in vain. I will stop you, if I have to die for my people I shall. Te voi opri, sau mori incercand. 

-  Basil Brawlmonk IV

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