Retreat from Romania

After a brutal campaign against a large uprising, utterly crushing the Rebellion they returned home to Burachest to find the city in ruins and Spainard camps. Basil was hiding in a secret keep holding out outside the city. When he heard his armies he came out and announced to them "King Albert Spark has betrayed our beloved Romania to the Spanish, we must leave Europe, we will be under attack soon gather the others". All the remaning armies that were loyal to Basil Brawlmonk left with him commendering over 400 ships and ship of the lines to transport themselves to a route Basil Brawlmonk had planned out. They escaped Europe and a year later, they landed in the unihabited side of North America. Not a single man died. They met thousands of native american tribes and made alliances with them. Most tribes moved up to where Basil Brawlmonk is in exile far far far away from civilization. 

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