The Scotsman

aka Scotty

  • I live in whatever hotel my company puts me in for the week
  • I was born on September 11
  • My occupation is Nunya
  • I am a Gentleman
  • The Scotsman

    If Switzerland disagrees with Württemberg's independence, war it shall be.

    Before each battle, there will be a meeting in the Governor's Mansion in Port Royal. Each battle shall take place on Vachira Server. Should either party fail to show up, they automaticly loose said battle.


    2:00 PST

    August 13, 1746 ( 2013 )

    Württemberg Rebellion ships - Sea Sabre - War Brig, or Sea King - Sloop, Stormchaser, Full Sail boost 2.

    Two unknown ships at this time. Names will be added before August 9th, 1746.


    4:00 PST

    August 15, 1746 

    Württemberg Rebelion ships - Sea King

    Four ships with unknown names. Names will be added before August 11, 1746


    5:00 PST

    Date : August 20th, 1746 

    Württemberg Rebelion ships - TBA

    I do not wish for war, Switzerland. But, with Mi…

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  • The Scotsman


    March 30, 2013 by The Scotsman

    In this grave hour, after the eve of war, I feel compelled to resign my post as Duke of The Duchy of Württemberg, under Kroshbon trying to take over completely. I hereby resign my post, and give it to the Spanish Empire, under the condition that I have a chance to be viceroy, of Württemberg... This is not something I would like to do, but it is the only chance to get Switzerland off my arse... I am afraid to say it, but, my ministers who are reading this, you are out of the job. I am sorry.  God save Württemberg.

    Sincerly, Former Duke Karl Eugen of The Duchy of Württemberg

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  • The Scotsman

    I am ordering that you take back the charges against our small state. Joesph got blocked, that isn't my fault! Albert got grounded, that isn't my bloody fault! My status was set to hostile, because your so called prince, Blake, said that he would kill me, invade, and raise the Swiss cross above our palace! We are sorry that they are both gone, but it truly isn't our fault! Let this be a time for peace and diplomacy, and lastly, I only resigned to take controll of this Duchy in the first place. If that, does not change your mind, all I have to say is this : Do your worst, Switzerland, and we will do our best! 

    In this grave hour, prehaps the most fateful, we are yet again, at war. Not with Prussia, but Switzerland. They are accusing me, of k…

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  • The Scotsman

    I, Karl Eugen, Duke of Württemberg, present a Palomino horse, to His Most Catholic Majesty, Phillipe V Clemente, King of Spain and the Spanish Provinces.

    Sincerly, Karl Eugen I, Duke of Württemberg

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