I am ordering that you take back the charges against our small state. Joesph got blocked, that isn't my fault! Albert got grounded, that isn't my bloody fault! My status was set to hostile, because your so called prince, Blake, said that he would kill me, invade, and raise the Swiss cross above our palace! We are sorry that they are both gone, but it truly isn't our fault! Let this be a time for peace and diplomacy, and lastly, I only resigned to take controll of this Duchy in the first place. If that, does not change your mind, all I have to say is this : Do your worst, Switzerland, and we will do our best! 

A speech by the duke

In this grave hour, prehaps the most fateful, we are yet again, at war. Not with Prussia, but Switzerland. They are accusing me, of kidnaping their prime minister. We are doing our best to get them to accept a term of peace, or a unconditional surrender from us, but, most of you may not know this, but there is rebels in the territory, and our military is working furriously to find Mr. Coalsmythe, and return him to his rightful place, in Switzerland. We are most sincere when I speak for my cabinent, and myself. Your Highness, we are in a deadlock, because of Prinz Blek. He has threatened to take our territory, and that is why our peoples are hostile to your government, and we truly do wish to make peace. Even if it takes us giving you payments each year, we are truly sorry about Mr. Coalsmythe. Thank you.

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