If Switzerland disagrees with Württemberg's independence, war it shall be.

Before each battle, there will be a meeting in the Governor's Mansion in Port Royal. Each battle shall take place on Vachira Server. Should either party fail to show up, they automaticly loose said battle.

Battle schedule

Stuttgart Uprising 


2:00 PST

August 13, 1746 ( 2013 )

Württemberg Rebellion ships - Sea Sabre - War Brig, or Sea King - Sloop, Stormchaser, Full Sail boost 2.

Two unknown ships at this time. Names will be added before August 9th, 1746.

Battle of Mannheim


4:00 PST

August 15, 1746 

Württemberg Rebelion ships - Sea King

Four ships with unknown names. Names will be added before August 11, 1746

Siege of Fort Constance 


5:00 PST

Date : August 20th, 1746 

Württemberg Rebelion ships - TBA

Final statement

I do not wish for war, Switzerland. But, with Minister Blau's decision for the recapture of Württemberg, the only choice is war. Lang lebe Württemberg.


Grand Duke of the Duchy of Württemberg, Karl Eugen, Cheif Commisioner of Stuttgart

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