• Victoria Risa Diverti

    Since a few days, Pears has been missing. Instead of making the wiki grow, it downgraded. You might ask who I am to judge this situation, but this is what I think.

    First, if you have no link with the game, please leave, that's all. This wiki is about the game, so it makes no sense you would be there. I don't say that in a mean way. I totally respect bronies, I even love one. But this is for POTCO, not My Little Pony.

    Second, what's with the people coming? There are more and more people coming on this wiki that has nothing to do with it. They just go on chat. One even irrespected people. Our admin and chat moderator Guilty Prophet did nothing about it. Even though "*punches*" doesn't hurt in the real life, since it's online, I think it deser…

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