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    May 19, 2013 by William Seasteel

    =====Biography of Aladeen


    Supreme Leader Shabazz Aladeen gave a great gift to the world when he decided to be born. He was seventh son of the glorious Wadiyan President-For-Life Omar Aladeen. His mother was an Air France stewardess who tragically died of an oxygen underdose shortly after Aladeen’s birth in 1982 – this fact means he is now 30 years old. Any photos you may have seen of Aladeen as a child in the mid-70s, including a great one of him at the premiere of Saturday Night Fever, were doctored by the corrupt Zionist Western media.


    Aladeen’s childhood was filled with tragedy; all six of his older brothers met with the most accidental of deaths. The eldest slipped on Aladeen’s Hot Wheels cars and fell down the stairs while…

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  • William Seasteel

    Hello POTCO friends and guild mates,

    I’m writing you to let you know about the exciting future of POTCO.

    But before I start with that, I have to give you a little back story as to how this all took place.

    Over a year ago, I got a phone call from my cousin Steve from the west coast. He has a really close friend and business partner by the name of Bill Kisonu. Bill has a younger brother named Joe whose a natural genius when it comes to online game designs. Apparently Joe, landed a job as Senior Creative Director and Game Designer at Disney Interactive Media Group for the POTCO division. (This was about the time when we heard of employment restructuring and lack of game content. When a lot of rumors started to fly.) In some sort of discussion be…

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  • William Seasteel

    On March 23, 1746, the officials of the Swiss government decided upon war on the infuriating Duchy of Wurttemberg. After our beloved Prime Minister was kidnapped, mostly all of the Swiss leaders decided to punish the Duchy for its sins. 

    Lord General Roger Warskull has mobilized his troops for combat. Lord Admiral Izzy Dedyett is preparing for battle. Field Marshall of Special Forces, Blue XIII is readying the Armed Guard for combat. 

    ~Info to be released at a later time~

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