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"The Port to Europe". Venice is an average sized region in North-Eastern Italy connecting Austria, and The Balkans to the Italian Peninsula. It is an extremely valuable Mediterranean port. The Spanish acquired Venice in 1741 during The Paradoxian War. A total of 2,300,000 people inhabit the Venetian region, most of which live in "Venice", the capital of The Veneitian region.

Regional StatisticsEdit

  • Major cities -  Venice
  • Capital - Venice
  • Largest city - Venice
  • Population Placement - 63% Urban, 37% Rural
  • Population - 2,300,000
  • Military/Political Affairs - Spain controls all Military and Polotical affairs in this region. This region is currently governed by Prince Ben Squidskull.
  • Religous - Religion - 93% Catholic, 1% Muslim, 6% Protestant
  • Troops stationed - 150,000
  • Ethnic Diversity - 7% French, 19% Spanish, 70% Italian, 2% Arabic, 1% Dutch, 1% Portuguese
  • Annual GDP - 21 billion / 4% of Spain's GDP
  • Primary Exports - Wine, Marble
  • Primary Imports -Machinery, and chemicals.
  • Leadership - This region is controlled by King Phillipe V Clemente.
  • Terrain - mostly rugged and mountainous; some plains, coastal lowlands.

Interesting FactsEdit

1.) Venice is one of the most important ports in The Spanish Empire.

2.) Venice (The City) is one of the most beautiful in all of The Spanish Empire.

3.) Venice is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

4.) Venice is a center of art and enlightenment.

5.) Venice is a fairly wealthy city.

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